Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Green Hairstreaks and more...

A few highlights from the first 10 days of May. It’s amazing what a bit of warmth and sunshine can achieve!

The first Green Hairstreaks have emerged, spotted by butterfly surveyor Brendan Sheridan on the 3rd. The first Small Copper was also fluttering around the chalk dell on the 4th, occasionally tussling with a territorial Green Hairstreak and a less aggressive Holly Blue.

Also of note, the leaves of Common Spotted and Twayblade Orchids are beginning to form and colour.

Small Copper on nettle

Green Hairstreak nectaring on Forget-me-not. This butterfly rarely feeds so a nice moment to capture

The brown upper-wing of the Green Hairstreak. Very rarely seen without the aid of a photographs/video

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